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If you are new around here, there are some things you should read and understand first. The most important one is my Healthcare Incentives Framework, which I explain here:

Building a Healthcare System from Scratch, the series

And here are the other principles of health policy that I refer to (or imply) often, listed in the most logical sequence I can think of:

Can We Please Use the Proper Definition of Value?

The 3 (Actually, 2) Problems with the U.S. Healthcare System

What the Government Should Do to Help Flailing Industries

Why Aren’t Prices Transparent in Healthcare?

Why Fee-for-service Reimbursement Is Bad. Wait . . .

How Doctors Make Prices

Should We Regulate Prices of Hospitals? All-payer Rate Setting’s Allure

If We Lower Total Healthcare Spending, Who Will the Money Come from?

The Political Philosophy of Pricing

The Three Different Ways We Could Set Prices in Healthcare

How to Change How Prices Are Set in Healthcare

What Healthcare Delivery Reform Proposals Are Getting Wrong

Why Is Innovation the Main Driver of Healthcare Spending Increases?

How Can Innovation Lower Healthcare Spending?

Why Providers Don’t Innovate

Why Insurers Don’t Innovate

Customers Determine the Financial Incentives

How Backward Integration Is Starting to Fix Healthcare Delivery

How New Medical Knowledge and Technology Will Make Healthcare Cheaper

What Is an ACO? What Is a Medical Home? What Is Bundled Billing? What is P4P?

A Patient Engagement Pilot

A Framework for Categorizing Governments

A Framework for Thinking About Welfare Policies

My Biases, Disclosed

And since I love economics in all its applications, I’ve also written a very thorough series on the theory of money and how it evolved to what we use today (and why that’s a problem):

The Theory of Money Series

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