About Me

Welcome! I am Taylor J. Christensen, M.D., and this blog is my brain on health policy. It is the place where I consolidate and refine my insights.

Let me tell you how I found health policy.

Way back as a pre-med undergrad, I read Atul Gawande’s book, Complications, which opened my eyes to the fact that the healthcare system is an incredible and complex problem needing to be solved. Ever since then, I can’t stop thinking about how to solve that problem. So, along the way to becoming an internal medicine physician, this led me to a degree in business strategy, part of a health policy PhD (institutional funding’s a killer–thanks a lot AHRQ!), a year spent designing payment reforms for the state of Utah, and various other research endeavors. My career plan is to continue practicing as a physician while dedicating a great deal of effort to researching and writing about health policy.

I believe that complex problems, once thoroughly understood, become easy to understand and explain to others, and I hope to be able to do that for people (especially those involved in making policies) so they can have the information necessary to make and support policies that will help fix our healthcare system.

I included “clear thinking” in the title of this blog because of a speech I once heard by a banking leader who foresaw the financial collapse of 2008 and led his bank through it without losing solvency. He said everyone around him was going along and not questioning because they trusted that the masses couldn’t possibly all be wrong. But the masses are wrong sometimes, and the world needs clear thinkers who can think for themselves and see things the way they truly are. I am striving to do that here.

This is not the kind of blog that has new posts daily. I work full time as a physician and am also busy raising 5 young daughters, so I shoot for about 1 post per month. I also have a shared blog with my wife, where we occasionally write about the principles of parenting at notsoapparent.blogspot.com. Go check it out!

I’m open for anyone to contact me with questions, points of disagreement, ideas for collaboration, or whatever (except for advertising inquiries, which I ignore–this blog is not a for-profit venture!): tjaychristensen@gmail.com.

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