As of Yesterday, I’m Expanding My Social Media Presence

Pardon the brief interruption in my Theory of Money series. This isn’t a money blog anyway, but it IS a healthcare and economics blog, and the modern money and banking system is one of the most interesting applications of economics outside of healthcare! So I will be completing that series, I just wanted to share a timely something else this week.

For the longest time, I’ve just been blogging my way through my passion for healthcare policy as I’ve worked on figuring out how to fix the healthcare system. I have advertised the blog a little bit here and there simply by syndicating on a handful of other healthcare blogs plus sharing the link to posts on LinkedIn and Twitter, but that’s about all I’ve done to expand my reach. This has mostly been because I didn’t want to spend time on that kind of project–I wanted to instead spend my limited health policy time each week reading and writing, which strengthens my understanding of and ability to explain the healthcare system. But, with a recent job change (still working as a full-time hospitalist, just at a different hospital), I now have a little more health policy time each week.

That is why, over the last few months, I have gotten some help to plan how to broaden my reach. Initially this will be through sharing health policy content on Instagram, and the first post was yesterday! I’ll be posting about 4 times per week, including a weekly video (with the help of my wife’s filming equipment and skills) on Wednesdays that will feature me explaining healthcare policy principles in under 1 minute. I’ll be cross-posting those videos to YouTube for people who want to watch them there instead, but so far I haven’t planned to do any YouTube-specific (longer) videos. That may change as I learn and adapt to what seems will be most effective.

So, I hope you’ll engage with me on those platforms! I recently added the links to my Instagram page and YouTube channel to the sidebar of this blog: @DoctorTaylorJay.

(I’m working on getting that handle for Twitter as well, but some guy named Taylor Jeff McDonald created a Twitter account in 2016 with that handle and hasn’t used it once, which is probably why he hasn’t responded to my message on there. If any of you have insights into how to solve that little quandary, please let me know.)

As always, I encourage feedback to help me improve the usefulness of my content. I also love getting to talk to others interested in this space to connect over ideas and to hear your unique backgrounds. So I hope you’ll reach out to me sometime on social media or directly via email (see my About Me page for that). Talk to you all soon!

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