Blog Updates Again

This is me last summer. To put a face to a brain.

Ok I’m back! I never stopped thinking or researching about health policy in the 10 months since I stopped posting weekly. And I only published one post on The Incidental Economist (TIE) in that time. Here’s the brief explainer and update.

In short, I am going to be blogging primarily here again. There was some discussion with the editors of TIE about what would work for me to post, and they felt my proposed content wouldn’t fit well enough with what they’re looking for (their distinctive TIE brand that they’ve built). I felt that this was perfectly reasonable, and while I was sad that I would miss out on their much larger audience and the possible impact opportunities that would offer, it’s also a little bit of a relief to me to be back here with the flexibility and freedom to write about what I want and in the way I want to write about it. Because much of the purpose of this blog is for me to have an opportunity to synthesize what I’m learning, and when the form interferes with the synthesis itself, the learning process becomes much more difficult and time consuming.

So, moving forward here, I’m going to get back to writing like I did before–using fairly informal language, writing concise posts as much as possible, and writing on the things I am interested in. Basically, my posts will simply be my notes and thoughts about what I’m reading and figuring out.

In the last 10 months, I have saved up a lot of blog post ideas–some to complete my series on pharmacy benefit managers (exciting, right?), and some about a variety of other topics. After I get through those, I want to start a long-term series of basically going through my own health econ/health policy education from scratch again, but sharing the articles I’m reading and the insights gained from each one along the way. More on that when I get to it.

I still believe the way to grow a blog (as well as the way to keep me from getting lazy) is to have regular content, so I’ll be back to posting weekly on Tuesdays as often as my schedule allows. Ganbarimashou! (That’s Japanese for “Let’s keep going/try hard!”)

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