A few more blog changes

This week, I have some significant life events going on, so it’s a rare week when there won’t be an official blog post. But I also want to announce that some changes are coming to this blog, starting now. I will be blogging over at The Incidental Economist (TIE) for a while!

Ever since I got into health policy and discovered that there are smart people writing about it online, TIE has been my absolute favourite health policy blog. It is one of the main hubs on the internet that is facilitating the ongoing international conversation about understanding and improving healthcare systems.

So, I’m going to try out blogging over there for a while and see how it goes. In the meantime, I will share on this blog the link to each of my posts, but definitely TIE is worth following if you are at all interested in health policy. I will continue to be blogging weekly (but maybe not on Tuesdays every time), and my topics and post lengths and writing style will probably be pretty much how they’ve been here. Onward!

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