Groups of Passionate People Change the World . . . Join Me?

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Have you ever noticed the electricity and vibrant energy that abides on a university campus? I think it’s more than just the result of thousands of young people collected into one place. It’s the result of big ideas, of people discussing and debating issues they’re passionate about, of them envisioning the world as being different and better through collective action.

I have being going it alone in health policy for too long. This has been useful in some ways–blazing your own trail is the only way to discover new land. But without others on this trail with me who have different opinions, backgrounds, and skill sets, I am not challenged to learn as much or, more importantly, do as much.

I’ve been thinking about this lately because a group of my friends and friends’ friends from medical school recently reconvened (virtually) a discussion group they had from the Cleveland days. (Sorry I missed it guys!) There’s nothing quite like meeting up physically, and maybe one day I can live in a place dense enough with health policy folk to do that, but until then I think virtual is good enough.

So this is my request: If you or anyone you know is passionate about health policy and wants to start talking about it occasionally (maybe quarterly), I want to hear from you. I don’t care if you’re an old retired professor or a young student or just a normal person interested in this topic. As long as you bring passion and questions and an open mind, I want to hear from you. Email me directly at And even if you’re reading this 10 years after it’s published, I still want to hear from you.

I don’t know where those talks will lead, but this is how it starts.

2 thoughts on “Groups of Passionate People Change the World . . . Join Me?”

  1. Will require some structure like a reading, topical subject, or still better a real controversy with substantial arguments on both sides e g I Q. You’d be the orchestrator.
    Best wishes

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